What is Table Magic?, you ask. Why, just what it sounds like!

Joop Fenstra will join your guests at table and demonstrate that the eye can always be fooled. Did you know…THAT most elastic bands have what is called an \”digitale\” hole…!? Joop will show you! Did you know…THAT in his hands, your money will undergo incredibly rapid \”inflation\”? Did you know…THAT the playing card you pick out will be the very same that Joop asked you to think of?!…etc., etc. Joop Fenstra will astonish and amaze your guests with top-class entertainment while they sit comfortably at their table and enjoy it all.

This kind of magic has the advantage that only a small number of your guests are entertained each time while the others present can happily go on with their conversation or other activities. Particularly suitable during a party, dinner or dinner-dance, in which case it should be mentioned that the timing of the magic performance during a dinner will be decided by Joop himself. In other words, …Henever moves to a table whilst your guests are still enjoying their meal…no, he appears instead BEFORE, BETWEEN and AFTER the courses. That is just the moment for a little variety!

Table Magic is always received by guests everywhere as an amusing interruption, be it at an office party, a congress, a business première, an anniversary or at a party in a subtropical swimming pool – in short, Joop Fenstra is a most welcome guest \”anywhere\” where intervals feature in your schedule of events. He can fill in those pauses with no trouble at all! Precisely because of its flexibility, this kind of magic can be set up and performed in almost any situation.
And no less important is that you will be getting…High-Quality Magic (!), your guests always being valued, since what Joop actually does with magic is actually not nearly as important as your guests having fun from it…that is the essential factor for you as a host.

Fenstra is always most smartly dressed for your guests and treats them with the greatest respect! In fact, Joop’s presence is always welcome, pleasant, exciting and … with not a few doses of humour besides.
NB – If you are holding a THEME PARTY, Joop Fenstra is able to adapt his clothing to suit if so required, e.g. a Wild West Party, a Caribbean Evening, a Pirates Party, etc.
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